Customers of Bank of America took to social media on Wednesday to express their frustration at the non-processing of Zelle transactions and the disappearance of funds from their accounts.

When I discovered that $2,000 had vanished from my account, I nearly lost my mind, a client tweeted early on Wednesday.

The bank "magically deleted a huge Zelle transaction that HAD ALREADY POSTED," according to another customer's tweet.

Despite stating that it was fixed later on Wednesday, Bank of America acknowledged that there was a difficulty with the processing of Zelle transactions.

More than 1,700 financial institutions offer Zelle, a peer-to-peer payment processor, their services. According to Zelle, the problem "was not the result of any issues with the Zelle Network."

Customers who were upset received a response from the Zelle support account on Twitter claiming the issue appeared to be with Bank of America.

Warren tweeted, "This needs to be addressed right away, and customers need to get paid." "I've criticized Zelle for having significant fraud issues, and this is their most recent failure."