With Season 6, Cobra Kai comes to a close, and Netflix has just released the dramatic series finale trailer.

It has been a protracted journey involving numerous streamers and services.

The decision was explained in a letter to the fans by the creators.

They may have just guaranteed the biggest season of Cobra Kai yet by penning that note.

Things have only gotten greater for the show that started on YouTube and developed into a worldwide success since the switch to Netflix.

In their letter, the developers stated: "We have always wanted Cobra Kai to end on our terms, leaving the Valley when and where we have always imagined. 

We may therefore proclaim that accomplishment with great gratitude and pleasure. 

The last season of Cobra Kai will air in the future year." 

The Miyagi verse has never been stronger, despite the fact that today may be bittersweet for the fandom. 

We hope to share more Karate Kid tales with you in the future since this fandom is the BEST on the earth. 

We all know that Cobra Kai never dies.  Buckle up for the BIGGEST COBRA KAI SEASON YET in the interim.

And let today be a celebration of everything that has already been accomplished as well as all that remains to be revealed. 

Without you, we could not succeed.  We succeeded.  Attack first.  Strike firmly.  Zero Mercy